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Your Company runs on Information Technology. Technology made up of computers and networks that require regular maintenance to continue running smoothly.

This is where the technology you rely on can become a problem. Regular maintenance means either having a qualified technician on staff full-time or relying on a “tech savvy” associate who may not have time to fit this work into his/her normal workload. Keeping a qualified IT technician on site can become expensive and delegating IT problems to an under qualified employee can have unfortunate effects both on the systems and the employee.

The bottom line is: without proper IT support the company suffers.

The question becomes: where can you get cost effective, quality support for your networks and computers?


  • CTSI has developed a system to provide quality IT solutions for any business setting.
  • CTSI’s staff of IT professionals is there ready to be your part time solution to meet your full time needs.
  • CTSI’s personnel are qualified, certified, and experienced IT professionals.
  • CTSI’s practiced professionals can service your computers and meet your maintenance and recovery needs.

Our staff provides solutions such as:

  • Virus & Software Updates
  • Operating Systems Updates
  • Server & PC Hardware Maintenance – Cleaning, Inspection, etc.
  • Network Maintenance
  • PC & Program Training
  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Execution
  • Server & PC Backups
  • Maintain PC Inventory
  • Training


For as little as 4 hours a month, based on the size & complexity of your IT Systems, you get all the benefits of a full time person but on a part time basis. You can have the items listed above performed on a monthly schedule and if you need immediate assistance for an issue that arises your support is just a phone call away and with reduced rates for participating in the IT Timeshare program.

You always have a scheduled time for your IT specialist to work on all your IT needs.

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