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CTSI’S dream was to create a different kind of IT Outsourcing Company – one that helps companies re-focus their resources on running their business and engaging their clients. CTSI was founded on the premise that information technology should be deployed only if it has a significant business advantage. CTSI’s core tenet is that technology investments should only be made for one of three reasons:

Reduce Operational Expenses: Technology should streamline business operations and reduce the inherent friction of servicing customers and bringing products to market.

Gain a Competitive Advantage: Outsourcing IT initiatives must have the benefit of delivering additional leverage in the marketplace for a company to produce superior goods and services.

Mitigate Business Risk: The only other reason for a company to invest in technology is to provide secure and stable business operations in areas such as regulatory compliance, security and disaster recovery.

CTSI – IT Outsourcing Company For over 15 years, we’ve helped some of the most demanding companies in the world solve their most difficult technology challenges. We help organizations of all sizes including Large Companies, State and Local Government, Educational Institutions, and Small Businesses leverage technology to reduce operational expenses, mitigate corporate risk, and gain a competitive advantage. Our business is to relieve organizations of the pain of IT Outsourcing so that they can focus on running their business and engaging their customers.

CTSI provides staffing for all your needs: call center support, breakfix, inventory control, project management, manufacturing automation, on-site help desk services and training.

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